Veritas Youth Festival Perth had been successful in gathering Perth's youths to rediscover their faith as Catholics. Here's some of their Veritas experience.

An atmosphere where you wanted to learn, grow and be more!

Veritas provided a unique opportunity for young Catholics to grow in their faith. It was everything you could want in one place - workshops about real life experiences in faith, information about what groups are out there for young people to participate in, praise and worship and the opportunity to build friendships with like-minded individuals. Veritas created an atmosphere where you wanted to learn, grow and be more! All your desires to grow in faith were satisfied by providing experts in the field to help you with any questions or struggles you may have  - Ashley Carvalho, Veritas 2015

Veritas renewed my faith in the Catholic Church

Veritas was a time when I felt so connected to other people my age in the Catholic Church. We got a chance to communicate what we want from the church and were asked what we as young people can do for the church. Veritas renewed my faith in the Catholic Church and broadened my view – we as young people can renew the face of our church and help make the Church come alive – Bec Cordina, Veritas 2015

Through Veritas I found a greater sense of confidence in my Catholic faith

The Veritas experience cannot be explained completely with words. You need to be there for yourself to experience why this is such an amazing event! Veritas was my first Catholic youth event and I found a great sense of belonging within a community of other young people who share the same faith as me and have experienced similar situations and questions. Through Veritas I found a greater sense of confidence in my Catholic faith and how it is a part of who I am as a person. Veritas is three days filled with inspiring workshops and talks, music and friends. After attending the event and having such a great time, I am looking forward to this year’s!  - Daniel Thomas , Veritas 2015

Veritas demonstrated to me the faith and love which drives our community

A joyous energy ran through the Veritas Festival.  Congregating with young Catholics from all across Perth to listen and participate in the event was really fun.  We were given the choice to pick from a range of different talks, which meant that the people I met in the sessions had similar questions.  This drove discussions in the casual, interactive and informative environment.  The dynamic speakers illustrated a real passion towards teaching us and encouraging us especially in how to live out our beliefs in the modern world.  The Veritas festival demonstrated to me the faith and love which drives our community – Lauren Noonan, Veritas 2015

Not being just a "surface Catholic"

Veritas was an amazing experience because we did not have to travel over to the East coast or overseas to learn about our faith and connect with other Catholic youth. We could participate in our own city and sleep in our own beds! We could be unashamedly Catholic both through our participation at the conference in a world where we are constantly bombarded with messages that are so mixed up and negative about being a Christian. The workshops worked on many issues that have been helpful in deepening the faith and not being just a "surface Catholic" but truly deepening our relationship with God – Matthew Tlozcek, Veritas 2015

All the brothers and sisters that I never knew I had

Veritas was both a fulfilling and eye opening experience. It was eye opening in the sense that I had no idea about all of the good that is happening around our Diocese. Quite often we get caught in our own worlds thinking that we are the answer to problems, but what I learnt is that together, every ministry, every person, we are all the solutions. I was so fulfilled with God's joy knowing that we are not alone and that God has such grand ideas for our Archdiocese. Veritas encouraged and empowered me to keep fighting the fight with all the brothers and sisters that I never knew I had! – Ryan Shelton, Veritas 2015

Grow And Unite in Love with Christ

We, the Indonesian Youth Catholic Organisation (ICYO) Choir, came down to VERITAS Youth Festival and were instantly wowed by the number of participants and the warm youthful atmosphere we shared under the same roof. We were there to also promote our then upcoming charity concert, Fortissimo, and we had many kind souls who were very supportive towards us. Many others jumped on-board to promote our concert and even gave us time to give a little impromptu performance. The final event of the festival was fantastic: live performance all night long, talk and share our passion in Christ and how we go about spreading the love. It was such a great experience which we recommend all our brothers and sisters! May we all “Grow And Unite in Love with Christ” #GAULwithChrist           - Ignasius Krisnanta Setiaputra, Veritas 2015